Ahhhh, FAK- doesn’t it take you back? This Pattylicious video was a competition for people to show off their dance moves. It would be interesting to see how New Zealand YouTubers would react to such a challenge these days! Teach us how to Patty.



Our second Kiwi YouTuber of the week is none other than Mr. Andrew Strugnell, of the channel “StrugsNotDrugs”.


A highly motivated member of the New Zealand YouTube community, Andrew hails from Wellington and runs a dynamic channel featuring a range of creative tutorials, discussions and travel vlogs- even with the odd collaboration thrown into the mix. He has been on YouTube for several years and in that time has established a successful following and with his go-getting attitude has helped other Kiwi YouTubers to make more of their own channels! We encourage you to check out his channel- his instructional “How To: Make A Camera Obscura” is a recent highlight.

Teno pai.


This poor Kiwi lass got her wisdom teeth removed- and cleverly planned to have her entire drug-induced haze filmed by her mother. Her delirium = our entertainment. GOLD.









Source: pwnagearcade

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Give it a follow people!


Here’s our inaugural video of the week, made by Steven Hubac for the collab channel he is in. Awesome to see him repping our sixy accint for the world to see!

Steven’s personal channel is

He’s also just hit 100 subscribers- congratulations Steven, we reckon there are loads more to come. :)

Flick us an ask if you’ve found a Kiwi video that you think deserves to be next week’s pick!


#1- GeeeVlogs

Our first Kiwi YouTuber of the week is the talented Gee. GeeeVlogs

Hailing from Christchurch with a wickedly Kiwi sense of humor, Gee has been making videos on her channel since May 2011, with dynamic content ranging from make up to music, and some nice vlogs and rants in between. Some hightlights are her recent Google+ rant and her cleverly written music parodies! She also shares a music channel with her friend Sam, which is well worth a look.

Keep it up Georgie!


For out first ever Golden Oldie, we felt it appropriate to bring back this little number from the very talented Levi Beamish. This vlog certainly caused a stir! What’s not to believe?


emmablackery: A few tips to people thinking of starting a YouTube channel:


  • When you can, invest in quality equipment as soon as possible. Sadly, the quality of a video is almost as important as the content on first impressions - get a good quality camera (I use a Canon 60D, but a Canon Powershot with 1080p is budget and apparently good for beginners!) and decent…

Hey guys- Here UK vlogger Emma Blackery shares some handy tips for would be vloggers and those looking to improve their content. She’s a very talented lady whose recent channel growth is reflecting that, so go check her out and show her some love from ol’ Kiwiland!

Source: emmablackery

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